Marine industry

Marine Work

FB Fabrications are suppliers of aluminium hulls, superstructures, and consoles to Marine Specialised Technologies of Liverpool, who supply to global military, professional and search and rescue markets, with hull sizes ranging from 4m, up to 8m in length.

We have also completed contracts to supply craft in steel, TWO “Wylo” designed steel yachts, a small 6m ocean yacht, and two 15m steel passenger river ferries. We also manufacture a range of marine products in stainless steel grade 316, and smaller items such as masts, and consoles in aluminium for various workcraft.

FB Fabrications provide services to other areas of the marine industry, Unique Seaflex LTD, Trinity House Lighthouse Service, and the RNLI.

Up to 2016, FB Fabrications were one of the leading contractors supplying hulls and wheelhouses in aluminium for South Boats Special Projects, who were world leaders in the manufacture of aluminium catamaran work boats that are developed in close consultation with the major utility companies and offshore wind farm developers.

Timelapse of of the steel Wylo yacht being built