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Marine industry

Click here to see a time lapse video of the steel wylo yacht being built

FB Fabrications are one of the leading contractors supplying hulls and wheelhouses in aluminium for South Boats Special Projects, who are world leaders in the manufacture of aluminium catamaran work boats that are developed in close consultation with the major utility companies and offshore wind farm developers.

We have constructed craft for South Boats ranging from 15m to 18m in length, and have capacity for much larger vessels, up to 36m in length and 8m beam.

FB Fabrications also manufacture aluminium hulls and superstructures to Marine Specialised Technologies of Liverpool, who supply to global military, professional and search and rescue markets, with hull sizes ranging from 4m, up to 8m in length.

We have also completed contracts to supply craft in steel, small 6m ocean yacht, and two 15m steel passenger river ferries. We also manufacture a range of marine products in stainless steel grade 316, and smaller items such as masts, and consoles in aluminium for various workcraft. FB Fabrications provide services to other areas of the marine industry, to customers such as Seaflex Bouyancy Systems, Trinity House Lighthouse Service, and the RNLI.

Our facilities are ideally situated alongside the River Medina in Cowes, which is well known historically as this was part of the old John Samuel Whites Shipyard famous for producing ships for many years until its closure in the 1970`s.



Quality Standards

FB Fabrications are approved to ISO 9001. Our welding qualifications range from ISO, Lloyds, and DNV approvals in mild steel, stainless steels and Aluminium, working to the approved procedures required for various welding applications.

We also offer full NDT weld inspection services with full certification to meet customer's requirements. All contracts undertaken can be supplied with full trace ability and metal certifications.

All our products are subject to quality control procedures across every stage of the manufacturing process to final despatch and delivery.

Latest News

FB Fabrications win order from Marine Specialised Technologies LTD Liverpool

FB Fabrications have won orders to manufacture 2 off aluminium rigid inflateable hulls for Marine Specialised Technologies ltd of Liverpool for delivery in spring of this year (2016).

MST Boat Build

FB Fabrications enter into a new venture with Island based company Voyaging Yachts Ltd.

The 35.5ft Wylo steel yacht is an versatile yacht suitable for cruising inland waterways or ocean voyaging, FB Fabrications are currently building the demonstrator boat, with an order to build the first customers boat already placed.

Full details of Voyaging Yachts can be found here, a film showing the construction of the demonstrator boat can be seen here

Fb Fabrications have recieved orders from South Boats IOW LTD, the new owners of South Boats Special Projects, to complete 2 off 19m windturbine support vessels for MPI Ltd.

MST Boat Build